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Museum of Salt Fuerteventura

Museum of salt fuerteventura
In Las Salinas, in the town of Antigua, you find “Museo de la Sal” (Museum of Salt), it is a cultural complex developed on the premises of the "Salinas Del Carmen", and this saline was built around the year 1910.

The museum has as one of its objectives, to protect the remains of this ancient salt manufacturing industry, which was worked by the ancient inhabitants of Fuerteventura, even before the conquest of the island. This saline has the characteristic to fill the pools with seawater; they need no mills or complex channels for transporting water, the pools are filled with water when the tide rises. The process to get the salt is very simple, once the pool is filled; they wait until the salt accrues at the bottom of the pool and the sun evaporates the water. Several weeks after the sun has evaporated all the water and in the bottom is just salt left, which is then collected.

Museum of salt fuerteventura

The Salt Museum is a cultural centre, showing an overview of the culture that was generated around the production of salt in Fuerteventura.

In this cultural centre merge, the ethnographic tradition built around the production and use of salt, with a distinctive habitat, which is the living space, nesting and food supply for a large number of micro organisms and migratory birds.

A stroll through this centre allows us to move to different cultural events created by the people to get this product, and conduct developed by the different animal species present in Salinas, who make this their permanent or transitory environment.

Museum of salt fuerteventura

The Salt Museum offers two routes one inside and one outside.

The interior tour is divided into the following parts, localization, training and history of salt, the saline ecosystems, culture and applications of salt, the salt of the Canary Islands, and Salina Del Carmen.

On the exterior tour can you see the architectural landscape characteristic of the salt and the production process of salt. A unique landscape, where land and sea converge.

An important piece of information for visitors to the Museum of salt, is that these saline even continue to produce salt, but it is a very small production, only for consumption on Fuerteventura and for visitors to the museum buy it as a souvenir.


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