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Natural Park Malpais de la Arena Fuerteventura

Natural Park Malpais de la Arena Fuerteventura
This archaeological site dating from the pre-European time, specifically, it corresponds to the time of the Aborigines of Fuerteventura, Mahos.

The archaeological site is located in the municipality of La Antigua, in the centre-east of Fuerteventura, the right side of Valle de Pozo Negro, next to a small hill called "Atalayita", which hence the name that has been given to this place.

The area where the town is located, formed by the lava from the eruption of the Caldera de La Laguna and La Caldera de Liria, has been since historical

Natural Park Malpais de la Arena Fuerteventura

times rangelands free of animals, and a little rain-fed agriculture. An important precedent in the history of this place is the fact that it served as a refuge to the shepherds who came in the conquest and who finally settled Fuerteventura

Today, the Town of Atalayita is a museum and interpretation center, its main objective is to ensure the preservation of this archaeological site, to teach the younger generation the cultural values of this reservoir and the life of those who lived in Fuerteventura before its discovery.


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