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Antigua fuerteventura

Its origin is attributed to a settlement of families of Norman origin who were engaged in agriculture since the municipality had good farmland.

As increasing demand for grains due to the development of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, various settlements in the municipality were created, such as Triquivijate, Agua de bueyes, Las Pocetas and Antigua. Antigua is the most important territory mainly for being the best geographically placed.

The geographical location of Antigua explains their rapid growth and consolidation, all roads leading to the capital of the island Betancuria and ports "Caleta de Fuste" and "Pozo Negro" passed through Antigua, therefore all goods and people were forced to pass through this town.

Antigua Fuerteventura
It was in the XVIII century when Antigua became the most prosperous urban center inhabited in Fuerteventura. The economic prosperity through the cultivation of cereals causes a greater participation of the people of Antigua and in the political and social life. There are great rivalries with Betancuria that far exceeds in population.

In its history, we can point out that for a short time, one to two years it was the capital of Fuerteventura. The municipality has a length of 250 mts2 and Antugua is to 252 meters above sea level.

The municipality is comprised of the towns of “Caleta de Fuste”, “Las Salinas”, “Triquivijate”, “Pozo Negro”, “Las Pocetas”, “Agua de Bueyes” and

“Los Alares”, the geography of the municipality does not present major reliefs, it is rather flat. “Morro Janana” with 674 meters tall is the highest point in the council. In this territory we find the so-called “Malpais Grande” y “Malpaís Chico”. They are lava fields caused by the eruptions of the volcanoes of Toneles and Gairía.

In their cultural heritage we can highlight the " Iglesia de nuestra Sra. de Antigua" built in the early XVI century, and “El Castillo de San Ventura” in the village of “Caleta de Fuste”, built in 1743 to monitor the coasts of the frequent pirate attacks. Here there was a sanctuary of “Virgen de la Peña”, the patron saint of the island, today there is only a rock stone shed with an image of the virgin and the archaeological sites of "Atalayita" and "El Junquillo" to recall the sanctuary.

We recommended you to visit “Museo de la Sal” in “Salinas del Carmen”, this museum protects the remains of an ancient salt industry, worked by the ancient inhabitants of Fuerteventura, before the conquest. These saline have the characteristic that they do not require water pumps, windmills or complex channels for the transport of water. The pits are filled with water when the tide rises. The process is very simple, once the pool is filled, it is expected to be depositing salt in the bottom of the pool. The sun does the work of evaporating the water and several weeks after the sun has evaporated the water, remaining in the bottom is the salt and is then collected by workers. These saline continue to produce salt, but produced too little, only for consumption in Fuerteventura and bought as a souvenir by those who visits the museum.

Antigua Fuerteventura

Antigua Fuerteventura
The main economic activity of Antigua is tourism, and you find it in its highest expression in Caleta de Fuste. This beautiful beach, clean and very calm, offers the ideal space for those who want to rest or for those seeking fun a variety of activities, such as hiking in submarines or catamarans, practice windsurf or diving, rent water-scooters, water skiing and kayaking. Or if you prefer golf, here you will find one of the best courses in the Canaries. All this is complemented with entertaining markets, shopping malls, restaurants, bars and terraces, where you can enjoy an exquisite typical dish or spend hours contemplating the sea.

Importantly, in Caleta de Fuste is conducted annually in early October the championship “Big Game Fishing”. Also arranged in the municipality each year are the two most important fairs of Fuerteventura, The " Feria Insular de Artesanía" in the first half of May, was created to maintain the customs and traditions of the ancient inhabitants of Fuerteventura, a people who were craftsman. This fair is the gathering of hundreds of artisans from across the Canaries.

The second exhibition is "Fair on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries" that takes place in “Pozo Negro”. Antigua is a very complete tourist destination within Fuerteventura, is right in the middle of the island and close to the airport.

It is an excellent alternative for those who visit the island for the first time. We can say that you will be very warmly received by people, you will find a wide range of leisure and entertainment, and excellent hotels and apartments.

Antigua fuerteventura


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