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Betancuria Fuerteventura

Founded by the conqueror of Fuerteventura in 1404, which is why his name is in honor of the discoverer. The area of the municipality is 104 km2, and the capital is located 395 meters above sea level. The highest point is "Pico de Betancuria" with 724 meters above the sea.

Virtually the entire area of the municipality is within "Parque Rural de Betancuria", this protected natural park is notable for its beautiful scenery, and we can enjoy them from the lookout "Morro Velosa" located ond the road towards the town "Antigua".

Highlights in the history of the municipality is that it has been frequently attacked by pirates, in 1593 the city was razed and the pirates took 600 prisoners.

Betancuria was acting as an independent municipality in 1812 and in 1834 is no longer the capital of Fuerteventura.

Besides the town of Betancuria, "Valle de Santa Ines" and "La Vega de Río Palmas", belong to the city hall and this are the first three cities on the island.

Betancuria Fuerteventura

Betancuria Fuerteventura
The municipality builds its economy on agriculture and livestock. Fishing has no greater significance because the coast of the municipality is rocky and do not allow the settlement of fishermen. Since the emergence of tourism as a major economic activity, people visiting Fuerteventura will know the old part of town, contributing to the economy of the municipality.

The cultural and architectural heritage is themost important of the island, its cobblestone roads are a sign of past prosperity, so are its buildings, the most prominent are religious.

The three main buildings are the church "Santa Maria", gothic, renaissance and baroque style, the more than 100 years that took to build allows us to observe in it these three styles. "Convento de San Buenaventura" of the Franciscan monks from the year 1460, is the first convent in the Canary Island and "Ermita de San Diego" in honor of San Diego de Alcalá, holy catholic who has been buried there, was built in the seventeenth century near the cave the holy saint visited to pray.

It is important to mention the two museums that exist in this municipality, "Arte Sacro "offers a collection of paintings, pieces of metalwork, sculptures and religious garments and it is located

in the former parish house, restored in 1983. And the "Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum", here it is possible to imagine the lives of aborigines on the island, noting a collection of tools, ceramics, skeletal remains, textiles and graphics from their homes. Thanks to this samples Betancuria was appointed Heritage of Fuerteventura.

Other places of interest in the municipality are "Valle de Santa Ines" and "Embalse de las Peñitas" located in thetown of Vega de Rio Palmas. In this municipality take place the main religious holiday of Fuerteventura, the pilgrimage to honor "Virgen de la Peña", the patron saint of the island. According to the legend, this image of the Virgen was found by some priests hidden in a cave, it was said that its origin is french and that was hidden so that it was not stolen in the frequent pirate attacks.

The pilgrimage to Virgen de la Peña is the third Saturday of September. This event brings together the entire population of the island, it is impressive to see that many people walking from all parts of the island towards "Vega de Rio Palmas" where the image of the Virgin is now and where they make their requests and deliver offerings to the Virgin for their favors met. It is a popular celebration and it is held with devotion.

In Betancuria you will find the past of the island very well kept.


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