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La Oliva Fuerteventura

It is located in the north of Fuerteventura, with an area of 356 m2 including Isla de Lobos. In this territory it has been found archaelogical sites that are presumed to have been the meeting point of the ancient kingdom of Maxorata.

In recalling the history of this municipality, one of the events to highlight is in 1708 when the regiment of the militia and the post of the colonel is created, the main representative, who chooses La Oliva as meeting point and residence, turning La Oliva to the military capital of Fuerteventura.

La Oliva Fuerteventura
In 1812 La Oliva becomes independent of the municipality of Puerto del Rosario and is established as a separate municipality. La Oliva brings together the towns of Correlejo, El Cotillo, El Roque, Tindaya, La Caldereta, Lajares, Vallebrón and Villaverde.

La Oliva offers an amusing tourism and leisure, the tourists focuses on the town Corralejo, who come to this town, do it mainly to enjoy the beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise coloured ocean that you find situated in "Parque Natural de las dunas de Corralejo" (Natural Park of dunes of Corralejo). This national park is characterized by its spectacular field of fine white sand dunes.

Another natural park in this town is Isla de Lobos, which inhabit approximately 100 species of animals and plants, since humans have hardly intervened in

this park, it is practically virgin, and "Monumento Natural del Malpaís de la Arena", its origin is attributed to volcanic eruptions of more than 10.000 years, is an impressive and beautiful landscape.

Other parks and protected monuments are "Monumento Natural Montaña de Tindaya". This protects this mountain of great spiritual value for the inhabitants of Fuerteventura. Remains of aborigines on this island suggest that this mountain has them ascribed magical powers, including magnetic energy, it was undoubtedly a place of worship for them.

La Oliva Fuerteventura

The council of cultural heritage is represented by architectural mouments as "La casa de Los Coroneles" (House of the Colonels) of the XVIII century, a building of two floors which highlights 3 towers, 8 balconies in baroque style on the facade and 365 windows, one for each day of the year.

"Parroquia de La Oliva" with 3 ships and a facade with a tower of black stone. "El castillo del Tostón", located in the village El Cotillo, from 1743, is a watchtower used to alert the inhabitants from the arrival of pirates.

We should mention that in "Montaña Quemada" (Scorched Mountain) has been built a monument in tribute to the spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno, who lived in exile in Fuerteventura.

Besides visiting the parks and protected monuments, the highlights of entertaiment offers is "Parque acuático Baku" (Aquatic Park Baku) that also offers rest and of course fun in more than 150.000 Mts2.

In the municipality of La Oliva we also find the Center of canarian art "Casa Mané", an old restored canarian house that offers a broad section of contemporary artists.
To be and feel like a real "majorero" for a day, visit "Finca Agricola La Rosita" where they offer you to participate in agricultural activities daily.

And if we talk about sports, in La Oliva you will find everything you need to enjoy water related sports and also others that allow contact with nature such as walking or cycling.

La Oliva Fuerteventura


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