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Pajara Fuerteventura

The city council of Pájara is the longest coast of Spain with 150 km of coastline of which 70 km are beaches, its surfice is 383.64 km2.

In the beginning of the XVI century were established in this sector mopstly fishermen and herdmens, history tells us that in 1711 its parish was built and that it was independant from Betancuria. The militia was established in 1729 led by the Colonel from La Oliva, to protects this areas from possible attacks.

Pájara has been independent since 1812, and brings together the towns La Lajita, Matas Blancas, Chilegua, El Cardon, Puerto do la Peña, El Puertito, Toto y Morro Jable. The city of Pájara is one of the most important tourist destinations of the Canary Islands, its territory is embraced by the sea and offers a spectacular scenery and a warm climate and hospitable all year.

Pajara Fuerteventura
The territory has two geographically distint parts by the"Istmo de la Pared" (Isthmus of the wall)4 km long. It is a strip of white sand that crosses from coast to coast separating the area we call "Península de Jandía" (The north Peninsula of Jandía).

The 60% of the area of the municipality is protected by "Ley de Espacios Naturales" (Act of natural spaces). Here we can emphasize "Parque Natural de Jandía" where we have discovered different ecosystems hidden among the dunes of organic sand.

The park also protects summits passing 800 meters above sea level, as "Pico de la Zarza" with 807 meters, this is the highest peak of Fuerteventura and welcomes different endemic species such as "Tajinaste Jandía". We also find in this sector birds of prey as "Aguila ratonera"(Mousetrap eagle), falcon Leonot or "Guirre".

Other protected parks are "Natural Monument Mountain Cardon", "Natural Monument Ajuí" and "Rural Park Betancuria", they all share the territory between Pájara and Betancuria.

The architectural heritage we recommend visiting is the church of Pájara, in classic style and its highlights are in its facade with decorative carves in

aztec inspiration, like suns, lions, snakes. These decorations have no background of its origin.

The economy of the town is based on tourism, and it is in Jandía where we see it with expression, agriculture is also contributing to the economy, mainly tomatoes and patatoes grown in greenhouses. Around the large tracts we can also see a good number of cattle and goats and in the port fishermen who supply to hotels and restaurants.

We have already said that tourism is the main industry on the island, thanks to the beauty of the beaches of the Jandía peninsula, they are, from what we have heard, the most beautiful of the Canary Islands.

Pajara Fuerteventura

These beaches are visited by the majority of the tourists who come to Fuerteventura, only in this municipality you find 70 km of white sand beaches and turquoise coloured sea. This is the ideal place for an unforgettable day on the beach or to practice any water related sport.

When we talk about Pájara we relate to the beautiful beaches of Jandía, no words can describe the beauty of these beaches, we can only tell you that if you see an image of a beautiful beach, it is very likely that this image is one of the beaches of Jandía and if not, here you will surely find a beach that will surprise you the same way.

Pajara Fuerteventura

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