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Tuineje Fuerteventura

Appointed council in 1872, with 276 m2 is one of the largest of Fuerteventura. In its history we have no background, only that human remains found in Tuineje and Tajarral show that these sectors were established human settlements in the prehistory.

Between the centuries XVII and XVIII is Tuineje frequently attacked by pirates and robbers, attacking their boats in the inlet of Gran Tarrajal, it was in 1740 when the most glorious page in the history of the island was written.

The british, being much higher in people and weapons tried to invade the island, but were defeated by the inhabitants (also called "majoreros" by them selfs) of Fuerteventura. Those using camels and ingenuity, managed epic victories in the battles of "Tamasite" and "Llanos de la Florida", these victories are in fact a surprise and are considered the most important historical events in the history of the Canary Island.

Tuineje Fuerteventura
To characterize this municipality over others in Fuerteventura, is their palm groves and tarrajal-trees in the valleys and its popular architectural buildings in Berber-style built by moorish slaves. Also that villages which constitute the council can we differentiate into coastal and interiors villages.

In the coastal villages, from north to south we find first "Las Playitas"; a traditional fishing village, where time seems to have stopped 50 years ago. In their small promenade are its inhabitants who, as if from a great family, coexist in a small beach with black sand, they are very kind and they quickly connect with the people who visits the town.

In its promenade you can find at least 5 restaurants where you can enjoy fresh fish.

Gran Tarrajal is the second most populous urban center of the island, is even more populous than the town of Tuineje, capital of the municipality. Gran Tarrajal is the name of the valley that ends in a very long beach and this is where the town is located.

The promenade is the meeting point for the inhabitants of Gran Tarrajal, here they enjoy its fun beach. It is common to see people enjoying football matches or volley, or a typical dish of the island, a coffee or a beer in any of the bars and restaurants along the beach.

This town is so important in Fuerteventura that one of the most important fishing tournament is conducted here.

South of Gran Tarrajal we find the town Tarrajalejo, located in a extensive black sand beach, and Giniginamar.

The interior towns, Tuineje, capital of the municipality, Juan Gopar, Tesejerague, Tiscamanita and Tequital are agricultural and of ranching tradition, you will for sure find hundreds of goats walk between the extensive areas of these villages. A stop to recommend is the "Natural Monument of Macizo of Vigair" that you can see from the path that leads to Tequital.

The economy of the town is mixed agriculture and livestock in the interior villages and fishing and tourism in the coastal settlements.

Tuineje Fuerteventura

Tuineje Fuerteventura


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