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The Fauna on Fuerteventura.

The proximity to the African continent and the peculiar surface of Fuerteventura are the main reason of the fauna existing here. The most typical animal on the island is the goat that is adapted to the poor amount of precipitation and the arid ground conditions in a very unique way and can be come across running free anywhere and anytime.

Fauna of Fuerteventura

Fauna of Fuerteventura

Fauna of Fuerteventura
Mammals: Except for the bat that has come to Fuerteventura on her own ways, all mammals living on the island have been brought here by the human being. The latest animal immigrant to Fuerteventura is the Moorish squirrel being much liked as well by the inhabitants as by the visitors for its twee and trusting nature. Other mammals living in free nature on the island are the shrew and the rabbit. Dogs, pigs, camels, donkies, cows, cat and sheep are kept as domestic animals.

Amphibians: One amphibian living on Fuerteventura is the frog prefering wet environments and fresh water..

Reptils: The reptils on Fuerteventura are represented by the lizard and the spined loach.

Birds: While the variety of the land animals is rather small on Fuerteventura, it can be proud for a big amount of interesting birds partially existing only here. In In the lowland we can find the corredor, the alcaravan, the alcaudón real, the cerricalo, the abubilla and the hubara canarias etc. By contrast in the valleys and canyons live among others the tarabilla canaria, the herrerillo, the gorrión moruno and the terrera marismeña. The mountains are prefered by the guirre the aguililla, the águila pescadora, the lechuza común and the camachuelo trompetero. Among the seabirds are striking the pardela, the chorlitejo grande, the chorlito gris and the gaceta. Furthermore on the Isla de Lobos can be met the petrel, the pardela chica, the pardela cenicienta and the paiño común.

Sea dwellers: Due to the variation in the salt content and water temperature caused by the changing sea currents, the variety of animals living in the waters around the Canary Archipelago is rather huge. In the area of "Barlovento" the variety is greater than the one in the area of "Sotavento" due to the cold sea currents moving along the coast.

Among the fishes are striking different bream species (sargo, chopa, sama, breca, besugo) and other as boga, salema, galana, roquera, bocinegro. The shellfish species most frequently existing are the mussel (mejillón), canailla and lapa. The cephalopods are represented by the octopus (pulpo), calamar, choco and pota.

Furthermore the waters surrounding the Canary Archipelago are inhabited by wales and dolphins. In the opinion of environmental protectionists, military exercises and missile detonations carried out by the NATO near Fuerteventura have caused the appearance of numerous dead wales and dolphins on the coast of the island some years ago. However, this has provoced a loud negative answer against new military exercise from the side of the islands inhabitants.


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