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Gastronomy of Fuerteventura.

The Canary cuisine of Fuerteventura has to offer a lot of flavours, colours, aromas and textures. Mediterranean nuances give the typical style of the plates a special emphasis. It is caracterized by fresh fish, sea food, goat cheese and other agricultural products grown on the island.

Almost all dishes are served with gofio (toasted wheat or maize flour) which is known for being highly nutricient. Other typical ingredients of the islands cuisine are the papas arrugadas (potatoes in the skin covered with lots of salt) that are served with the typical mojo canario (Canary dip based on coriander or parika and chilli). In the preparation of sea food and fish plates play an important role fishes such as the parrotfish (viejas), the moraine (moena), the jewfish (mero), the red mullet (salmonete), the sama, the cabrilla and the cherne, same as shellfishes, e.g. the mussel (mejillón), burgados and the lapas.

Among the meat plates which are prepared with many different kinds of meat, strikes the preperation of goat meat, e.g. grilled or as goulash. The domestic goat ist not only an important meat producer but also delivers the milk for the elaboration of the typical goat cheese which is much appreciated by everyone and has won a lot of prices in different competitions. It may be elaborated in several ways which can include up to 15% of sheep milk, oil, peppers and gofio.

fuerteventura gastronomy

gastronomy of fuerteventura
fuerteventura gastronomy

Last but not least the vegetables play an important role in the cuisine of Fuerteventura, too. A special enjoyment are the typical stews (portajes, pucheros) which can be based on lentils (portaje de lentejas), on different kinds of vegetables (portaje de verduras) or on cress (portaje de berros). For dessert you may choose between rice pudding, milk rice, cheese cake, bienmesabe (typical almond dessert) and other sweet meals.


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